Tuesday, September 17, 2013

a good start

hello everyone who are used to be my readers, i know i know..some may had forget me or leave this dusty and not-updated blog of mine. Life after secondary school was much hectic than you could imagine , went out of the house in the morning and back at night. nobody ain't got time for that :X

so something brought me up here today, I'm on my one month half semester break now in my precious homeland. Some people told me that i should get a part time job to spend my hols, but i refused. I WANNA ENJOY MY HOLIDAYS TO THE MAX (if i have MORE money) lawls.

fyi, my poly only got 2 semesters in a year and yeah one semester had gone byebye~ the first semester was as good as always , i did really well in my exam. (Y) applause for me! hope i can maintain it till the end.

                   may the following semesters will be better than the previous one. hwaiting! :) 

Monday, June 10, 2013

A thousand years.

Oh hi ! As you can see above this post title,obviously I have been not updating my blog for a very very very long time- like a thousand years u know what i mean, if that even make sense. Well, i have my own reasons, and now I'm gonna tell you why.

SO HERE'S THE STORY GOES, after i get my SPM results.

Some people might go and have fun after that but i actually went home earlier to apply scholarships for certain college and uni. I applied for local college scholarships and Singapore one. I would say that it wasn't an easy task for someone like me who is unambitious, it's not directly meant that way.. just i don't really know what my future career is. I like maths, i learnt musics and arts, i almost like everything (except sejarah) and i just can't find a suitable course for me.

I once told my parents that i wanted to go for college to take pharmacy course. In the case of tuition fees and my not-so-good results, i gave up on that thought. okay skip skip.

If you are wondering,yes my boyfriend and I applied scholarship for the same poly and same course in Singapore, and we are so lucky enough that we were invited to have an interview session there in Singapore. After weeks of waiting, they accepted us. We had our medical checkups, student pass, banks, accommodation and stuffs done within a month. busy busy busy!

Till today, everything is steady already. I'm back to my sweet home after few months studying there ( having my term break now). I had fun with my school and course as well. Engineering course wasn't that bad for a girl, trust me.

I chose this way for my own, not for my family,not for my bf. Although it's far away from home, i still hope that i can stay contact with my family and friends. Sometimes when i miss home, I will tell heart stories to my bf or my roommate or even skype to my mum. hahaha.

Well that's all, see my poly life photos on my fb or insta for more,lazy to type much forgive me. hehee

the bf, me ,the bff.

ze classmates 

club events

first participated competition

and the random photo of me checking on instagram and the Starbucks drink.

k bye.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

SPM results.

So.. the results are finally out this morning.

It was a sleepless night yesterday, my eyes were closed but my brain doesn't shut down at all. It's so tiring this morning when i woke up. Get myself ready and go for breakfast. I can't even eat something as my heart can't stop beating. I'm nervous,yup. I had a phone talk with the bff,yee mun for like 1hour 40minutes last night just to make myself calm. SLEEPLESS and DREAMLESS night. Just worrying about how the results will be.

I arrived at school around 10.30am. Meeting old mates was truly fun, miss them so much till i forgot to take any photos with them. Some changed,some unchanged.

Some of my friends have checked their results through sms or online by phone. Well i don't have that courage to check using that. I prefer to receive the result slip from my teacher on my hands.

My form teacher:"Congratulations Lee Ping, 8As 2Bs.."

I stunt for a moment, counting the As on the paper. Stood up and walk away from the table. I didn't feel happy or depressed. But end up crying. Not sure it was happy tears or sad tears. Nahh, I was aiming for straight As of course. Didn't expect that I got an A+ for my add maths as it was the hardest subject ever for me. Well.. my boy who always did better than me,was one of the straight As students, proud of him.

My family didn't disappointed on me, they know i did my best..I love you all. Thank you for all the support from my family ,my boy ,friends and teachers. Congratulations for those who get results that you desire. Don't be sorry if you can't get what u wished for. Everything is over, shouldn't leave regrets. So just be happy with it,satisfy with it. Future doesn't prove on this piece of paper. All the best in future and college life! Study hard, pray hard if you wanna score better,juniors!

I am officially graduated from high school and new stage of life may begin. GOOD LUCK to me and everyone !

Monday, March 4, 2013

CNY trip

Went for a 2 days one night trip to a place near Pangkor Island with family. Just a short brief post,alright.

We finally got a chance to have breakfast at this famous dim sum restaurant which locate at Ipoh.
My dad brought us there last year for like 7 in the morning but still no tables for us.
This time, we went at 8+ but manage to get a sit.

 It feels like HEAVEN!

 The same height sisters who have almost 3 years gap between.

 Our stay that night - Swiss Garden Resort

 Love the mirrors,perfect for camwhore.

 Always seek for the dessert section first. hehe

 Tiger peanuts.

That's all. hahaha bye!